SGI to resell Omneon SPECTRUM media servers

The Omneon Spectrum media server product line is now being offered by SGI as part of its open broadcast initiative.

Silicon Graphics (SGI) has selected Omneon Video Networks' Spectrum media server product line to be included in SGI's Open Broadcast Initiative. Under this new agreement, Omneon systems will be sold and integrated by SGI as part of broadcast solutions that SGI will now offer to its customers.

The Spectrum media server provides a reliable and scalable infrastructure that supports a variety of third-party applications for control and transmission, media management, archiving, and collaborative production. As a result, stored media can be shared among many users and applications.

The scalable, distributed architecture of the modular Spectrum server system also offers users maximum flexibility in scaling system components and capacity in small or large increments as desired. The system is available in a broad range of configurations to meet the specific needs of each installation.

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