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Scalado introduces Remove object-removal software for mobile devices

Scalado recently released new object-removal software named Remove that automatically highlights and removes any unwanted details from a captured photo. It is among the first such software to be released on a mobile device.

It solves one of the oldest and most common problems with taking a picture — people getting in the way of the shot. The software detects and selects the unwanted objects, which simply can be removed automatically or by the user touching the selections on the screen or after capturing the image.

Myriam Joire, senior mobile editor at Engadget, got a chance to try out the app, and she liked it.

She writes:
“It's a familar scenario. You're traveling with a friend and she poses in front of a famous monument. You're ready to take her picture with your phone but there's a constant stream of people and vehicles getting in and out of your shot. What are your options? You could wait for the right lull in traffic to press the shutter key or you could use Remove — Scalado's patented new object-removal technology. Remove captures several images in a row, analyzes them and automatically creates a composite photo devoid of unwanted details.

“Better yet, it highlights potential objects and lets you eliminate them manually. The folks at Scalado … are planning to showcase Remove at Mobile World Congress later this month but luckily for you, we got an exclusive first look at an early build of the Remove app for Android."