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Sanbolic lets users manage SAN storage remotely

Sanbolic, a developer of advanced clustered file system and volume management software for networked storage, has announced LaScala Disto — a new software application that enables the remote management of volume structure for an entire SAN.

An add-on component to LaScala Volume Manager, Disto also provides volume and mount point scalability on top of existing LUNs, and support for Windows Volume Management (LDM) volumes.

LaScala Disto can be installed remotely on a laptop or server accessing the SAN through an Ethernet network or VPN, or locally on any server on the SAN. Administrators can use it to log into any domain or workgroup on the network and then manage both volume structure and server access profiles to the storage for all servers connected to the SAN. Administrators use an intuitive WMI-based graphical interface to manage volumes.

LaScala Disto supports and manages all standard LaScala volume management functionality for SAN volumes. Volumes, volume sets, or stripe sets can be created, striped across multiple storage devices to create a single storage pool, and expanded on the fly with no IO interruption. Because LaScala was designed as a SAN volume manager, it can efficiently aggregate the storage and bandwidth of multiple controllers, and create host-mountable volumes from a virtual LUN.

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