Reuters streamlines field reporting with digital newsgathering

Currently, 15 reporters around the world carry Web-centric ENG packages. The news agency plans to double that number in 2005
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Reuters is equipping field reporters with portable Sony cameras, Vaio laptops, network interface cards and Wi-Fi cards, sending them on their way and asking them to file stories from the field without the typical ENG accessories. Reporters will seek out Web connections worldwide at places like Internet cafés and file their stories there, reducing their dependence on satellite uplinks and the associated expense.

So far, 15 reporters from Jerusalem to Belgrade carry the Web-centric ENG packages but the news agency plans to double that number next year.

Reuters will use the stories and footage being filed to feed its broadcast and multimedia clients who stream video over the Internet.

Incorporating metadata into sent files, establishing a high-speed broadband link between fixed locations in major world capitals and repackaging scripts, footage and story information in a single integrated file for consumption by Reuters clients round out the news agency’s drive to take advantage of digital technology.

The latter move, called World News Express, gives Reuters clients a way to reduce the inefficiencies typically associated with remote feeds. Journalists can view all pertinent story material, including video footage, from their desktops without having to retrieve separate video satellite feeds.

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