Planar unveils digital signage content management software

Planar Systems unveiled its new Retail signage solution, a complete software platform that will manage large digital signage networks (DSNs) and enable targeted scheduling and distribution of content for DSNs and retailers.

The company’s first product geared toward network and content management for the growing dynamic signage marketplace, the Planar Retail signage solution will allow DSNs and retailers to deliver audience-specific, rich-media content and advertisements in fast-paced retail environments where advertisers compete for consumers’ attention.

Freight matching services provider TransCore has selected the Planar Retail signage solution to manage its nationwide network of 1200 dynamic displays in travel plazas, convenience stores and retail outlets. With this solution, TransCore will elevate its current DSN to a platform that better serves advertisers by supporting rich-media content, advanced scheduling and targeting functionality, and modern network management with Internet connectivity.

A TransCore company spokesperson said that the ability to sell, schedule, distribute and play targeted content using high-speed Internet will greatly improve what has up until now been a manual process.

Planar’s Retail signage solution allows DSN operators, like TransCore and large retailers, to present additional value to advertisers by ensuring the right content reaches the right audiences at the right time. The solution will have the ability to designate exactly when and where content is shown – on one display, on many displays or across the entire display network. For example, it enables TransCore to sell advertisements with a specified distribution, so that ads targeted toward Oregon consumers do not play in Florida. In a retail environment, the Planar Retail signage solution allows retailers to easily sell and schedule targeted advertisements by department, selling cosmetic or jewelry ads in women’s dressing rooms, and footwear or wallet ads in the men’s department.

Together, the software platform’s two major components – the server-side application and the player application – decrease the time and resources needed to manage large dynamic signage networks, saving retailers money while increasing the opportunity to secure advertising revenue. The server-side tools provide remote network-wide management and content scheduling, distribution, tracking and statistical analysis tools.

The player application software enables high-quality content, with autonomous features that ensure continuous playing, regardless of the status of the network connection. For the most complete solution, Planar hardware, such as LCDs, plasma displays and PCs integrates seamlessly with the Planar Retail signage solution.

Planar’s Retail signage solution automates the scheduling and distribution of all content — from advertisements and news, to weather, alerts or other external feeds — through its integrated sales and scheduling tools. The user-friendly Windows-based application will provide a rich interface with near-real time distribution of uploaded content. A Web-based portal provides advertiser access to past and present campaign content and statistics, and the ability to plan future advertising.

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