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Pixelmetrix to unveil auto PSIP verification

Pixelmetrix will introduce a new feature for the automatic verification of PSIP integrity at NAB2006.

The Pixelmetrix PSIP Verification Suite allows broadcasters to identify any perplexing PSIP issues quickly. Tests are done to verify the internal consistencies between various PSIP tables, including PAT and PMT. In addition, the GUI provides status of the consistency tests within the stream.

Other Pixelmetrix offerings will include:

  • CA key change monitoring feature for the DVStation. The feature lets users determine that the CA keys for any PID in the transport stream changes periodically over a specific period of time.
  • ATSC transport error check for the DVStation running software version 4-11 expands transport stream verification to include extensive tests on various ATSC specific tables, augmenting the DVB specific transport tests defined within TR101-290.

See Pixelmetrix at NAB2006 in booth C6616, or visit

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