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Path 1 announces Vx8000 2.0, NET to support broadcast video via IP

Path 1 Network Technologies is launching two new products to support its strategy for using the public Internet infrastructure as a reliable network for broadcast video contribution.

Vx8000 2.0 is a multi-port, bidirectional IP video gateway that combines standards and proprietary-based forward error correction (FEC) technologies for live broadcast applications. NET is a network evaluation tool that intelligently analyzes the condition of IP networks and their ability to transport broadcast-quality video.

With a 60x increase in FEC performance, Vx8000 2.0 is designed to address the problems of delivering real-time video content over the Internet. It combines support for standards-compliant Pro-MPEG COP #3 and enhances the standard by adding Path 1's proprietary high-performance encapsulation and FEC technology called ClearPath.

Path 1's Vx8000 2.0 lets broadcasters deliver real-time, broadcast-quality MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and VC-1 (MPEG-2 TS) video in both SD and HD formats.

NET is a pre-deployment evaluation and analysis tool that enables network administrators to visualize and determine the condition of IP networks and their ability to transport perfect video, including measuring the right amount of FEC required in a network to eliminate video packet loss and reduce time to deployment.

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