Panasonic unveils 9-series plasma displays

Panasonic has unveiled its newest generation of professional plasma displays — the 9-series. The display series features improvements, including enhanced video capabilities, greater flexibility and a thin, lighter design. The new series includes three high definition panels — 50in TH-50PH9UK, 42in TH-42PH9UK and 37in TH-37PH9UK — as well as the standard definition 42in TH-42PS9UK.

The series features include 16-bit digital signal processing and improved sub-field driving technology to reproduce 3072 steps of gradation, a contrast level of 10,000:1 and bright-area contrast of 400:1. The new Real Black Creation color-enhancing feature produces high-contrast and rich, deep blacks, resulting in a high contrast level (10,000:1). Included in its features are a Contrast Management System that perfects the color of each individual portion of the image displayed and a Motion Pattern Noise Reduction circuit to provide a consistently sharp image across the entire image during fast-paced scenes.

The models feature a lightweight design, with overall weight reduced by up to 15 percent over previous models. New panel improvements and phosphor technologies increase burn-in resistance and provide these long-lasting displays with a 60,000-hour service life.

The 50in and 42in panels offer three multi-function input slots concealed at the back so users can add different combinations of optional terminal boards in each input slot and customize the plasma displays according to their system needs. The 37in model comes with two interchangeable slots.

With the new PC board PLUG-VC251, the 9-Series plasma becomes its own computer system. The small board can be inserted into the multi-function input slots, allowing users to run custom applications and even presentations from the monitor. With the PC board, the display can also be updated from a centrally located system. The PC board is compatible with Windows XP and XP embedded operations systems and a wide variety of Windows-based applications software.

The new CAT 5 transmitter with a switcher function (model KE811CT) allows a user to send signals to the plasma display from a separate command center and control up to 128 plasmas at the same time from a single location. The new AV switcher allows the user to change the plasma display’s input from presentations to live.

The displays feature a built-in image-enlarging function for use in multi-screen display systems; as many as 16 displays (4 x 4 construction) can be configured. This automatic, built-in function can independently enlarge images up to four times vertically and horizontally. With this feature, 9-Series users now have the option of installing the displays in a variety of combinations, including 1 x 4, 2 x 3 and up to the maximum 4 x 4 construction.

Additional display features include the Advanced Dual Picture Mode, which allows users to combine video clips with textual information from a PC. The 50in and 42in models can also be displayed vertically without any adjustments.

The 9-Series professional plasma displays will be available July 2006.

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