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Panasonic introduces 3.5lb SVGA LCD projector

Panasonic's VGA LCD projector model, the PT-LM2U.

Panasonic has introduced a new portable SVGA LCD projector model, the PT-LM2U, intended for business and educational applications. The PT-LM2U provides 1400 ANSI lumens of brightness, weighs 3.5lb, and measures only 10-3/32in wide by 8-7/32in deep.

Using a 130 UHM lamp, the PT-LM2U produces high contrast, 400:1 ratio images at 800x600 native SVGA resolution while providing resizing technology to support UXGA.

The projector automatically adjusts lamp brightness to optimize on-screen imaging. For darker scenes, it automatically lowers the brightness to produce deeper blacks and make light areas “pop out,” improving overall image quality.

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