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Oxford Limiter now available in AAX format

Why grumble? You know that every new edition of Pro Tools, including the soon to be released Pro Tools 11, requires you to rethink your plug-in architecture. Promising more horse power than 10 or any earlier version and a fully implemented 64-bit environment, Pro Tools 11 won’t support the elderly TDM and RTAS plug-in formats.

Plug-in manufacturers looking to hold onto their Pro Tools users are working hard to make sure that their products support Avid’s AAX format. Among them is Sonnox, the Oxford, UK company. Sonnox recently announced that the Oxford Limiter plug-in is now available in the AAX format.

To mark the release of the Oxford Limiter (AAX), Sonnox is offering its Enhance Collection throughout the month of June with a discount of 40 percent. The Sonnox Enhance Collection contains three popular Oxford plug-ins – Limiter, Inflator and Transient Modulator – whose combined punch can greatly enhance any mix. While all three plug-ins are available in AAX format, they are also compatible with other plug-in formats – TDM, RTAS, Audio Units and VST. 

For more information on the Sonnox Enhance Collection and to watch a demo of the three plug-ins in action, visit: