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ONO uses Cisco for broadcast TV content

Cisco’s 10720 Router and Catalyst 6500 Series Switch (pictured) platforms are helping to save ONO significant amounts of money over its previous system.

Cisco Systems has announced that ONO, a Spanish cable operator, is delivering broadcast-quality television content using a Cisco digital video transport network.

The network is based on the Dynamic Packet Transport/Resilient Packet Ring (DPT/RPR), Gigabit Ethernet and IP Multicast capabilities of Cisco 10720 Routers and Catalyst 6500 Series Switchers. The technology is helping ONO reduce operational costs.

All new ONO customers now receive a DTV service over a hybrid fiber-coaxial network from a regional headend (RHE). The service is supported by an IP layer over a national optical backbone which interconnects the RHEs without the need for expensive regional analog headends.

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