New Products from NVIDIA, Adtec Digital, zplane., and more

Quadro FX 4800

Graphics card features 1.5GB of graphics memory and 30-bit color; a 128-bit precision graphics pipeline and 32X FSAA deliver high image clarity and quality; dual 10-bit display ports deliver a color palette of more than 1 billion colors as well as a single dual-link digital display connector.

Adtec Digital

Multicodec decoder supports ASI, GigE, SPTS or MPTS decoding; decodes MPEG-2 SD 422, HD 420, AVC SD and HD video as well as a single channel of Dolby Digital, Dolby 5.1, MPEG-1 Layer 2 and AAC-LC audio; outputs broadcast-quality video, including D1 (composite), HDMI with HDCP and HD-SDI with embedded audio; can up/downconvert between HD 1080i or 720p and NTSC or PAL.

vielklang v1.5 development

Audio harmonization instrument for generation of vocal or instrumental harmonies with up to four voices; uses voice leading and harmony progression models to create harmony parts in a more musical way than traditional harmony processors; features live MIDI input, new harmonization styles, new export options including Audio/MIDI file export for individual voices and MIDI export of harmony tracks, improved input melody analysis with a new note detection algorithm and interoperability with Pro Tools 8 and Cubase 5.
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iVDR Xtreme

Rugged, removable media for high-speed, high-resolution video imaging; has a capacity of 250GB; can store up to 20 hours of HD video, 19 hours of digital video and 110 hours of DVD-quality video; based on an SATA model with a 26-pin interface; features speed and transfer rates of up to 3Gb/s and shock-absorbent technology to resist shock from a 4.6ft drop onto a hard surface; is hot-swappable.

Techno-Jib 24

Telescoping remote camera jib arm instantly extends or retracts to obtain the best shot possible; moves the camera smoothly, silently and quickly in and out of hard-to-reach areas; lets a single operator control diverse camera movements; offers control over zoom, focus and the telescoping of the jib arm through a customizable user interface; extends from a minimum reach of 9ft to a maximum of 24ft.

COS-11D Sanken

Lavalier microphone designed for use with Zaxcom's digital wireless recording transmitters; incorporates design advances that deal specifically with digital and digital/analog hybrid wireless transmission; comes in standard and reduced sensitivity models.


Pan/tilt head can be set up with the camera mounted on the side or on the top, as well as being positioned upright or inverted; a DC-DC converter at the base of the head converts 48V power to the appropriate levels for the head, auxiliary robotic devices, camera, lens and viewfinder; offers a newly designed cable management system and serial data control with multiprocessor architecture.

Final Cut Pro v6.0.5

Version 6.0.5 software incorporates support for the professional PH recording mode offered with the Panasonic AG-HMC150 handheld AVCCAM camcorder, which provides high-quality 1080 and 720 recording in an AVCHD format at bit rates up to 24Mb/s; adds editing support for 720 60/30/24p formats and 1080 30/24p in addition to 1080i.

Unity ISIS 2.0

Blade-based storage subsystem offers dual drive storage elements, 10Gb/s Ethernet switching, and redundant power and cooling; supports resolutions up to uncompressed HD and 2K via up to 400MB/s per engine; scales to maximum performance by storing data across 12 engines of 4.8GB/s or a total of 32 streams of uncompressed HD or 240 streams of uncompressed HD; provides a total capacity of 384TB (maximum) or 196TB (when fully mirrored), with full system monitoring.

NextDimension RVE

Briefcase-sized mobile workstation designed for real-time video editing in the studio or on location; supports any Windows-based NLE; tailored for the needs of Avid and Adobe users with features that enable easy migration from a desktop- or laptop-based system to the NextDimension RVE; includes an integrated 17in display, single or dual 2.5GHz quad-core Intel Xeon processors; up to 4GB RAM; up to 1.28TB storage in a high-speed array; extensive I/O capability, and NVIDIA GeForce or NVIDIA Quadro FX graphics.
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Closed-captioning encoders feature Active Format Descriptor (AFD) insertion capabilities; HD480 offers an AFD switching solution that supports manual encoding of fixed-pattern AFD from presets or dynamic control from an automation server over a local TCP/IP network; allows broadcasters to create rules for selecting their preferred source of AFD data; enables use of a private CEA-608 XDS protocol for carrying/recovering AFD codes; HD485 meets AFD ingest specs with a Windows-based VANC insertion module; includes a full preset library that covers all legal AFD codes.

Fusion DX800RAID
Sonnet Technologies

Eight-drive RAID SATA storage system with built-in SAS expander enables connection of up to 16 eight-drive enclosures to a single Sonnet RAID controller; provides the speed required for working with uncompressed 10-bit 1080 HD video and the data security and monitoring needed in a large RAID system; supports RAID 5 and 6; yields read and write file transfer speeds of up to 680MB/s and 640MB/s, respectively.

OpenVision Content Creator v4.5

Digital content creation tool is built around an open systems solution and supports EGT encoders and Rhozet transcoders; produces standards-compliant CableLabs VOD 1.1 content as well as H.264 video for IPTV distribution; enables the transcoding of programming and promotional video for delivery to broadband outlets and mobile devices.