New Products


SeaChange ITV MediaCluster: Patented approach that combines several media servers to act as one server; every server node is directly connected to every other node so there is no single point of failure; each server has its own multichannel input-output (I-O) hardware and a redundant array of inexpensive disks (RAID); when a file is stored to a media cluster it's not just written to all disks in the node, it's also being written across every disk in every node in the cluster; this is called RAID-squared because the load is balanced and there are no hot spots; due to the cluster configuration, every output has equal access.


FOR-A Hanabi HVS-1000HS: Is a one mix/effect version of the two M/E Hanabi HVS-3000H/S digital HD or SD switcher; supports 1080i, 24p, 720p, and SD formats; is 2RU high; has two types of operation units available for different applications; comes with four inputs; can be configured for up to 16 inputs; four still pictures can be stored in frame memory; features four standard outputs (PGM × 2, PVW × 1, AUX × 1); has a maximum of seven outputs available.
+44 20 8391 7979;


Rohde & Schwarz R&S DVM: Upgraded with the additional capability of monitoring and analyzing MPEG-2 transport streams to ATSC broadcast standard; R&S DVM 100 base unit allows simultaneous control of two, three or four transport streams at data rates of up to 216Mb/s; adding an R&S DVM 120 expansion unit increases the number of transport stream inputs up to eight with a maximum of 20 inputs per system; monitoring results and individual stream content are displayed on a high resolution GUI.
+49 89 41 29 0;


Calrec Audio Hydra: Enables I/O resources to be shared throughout the entire family of Calrec digital consoles; is built on gigabit Ethernet technology; connect over fiber (MTRJ) or copper (RJ45); the connection between the digital I/O rack and the Gigabit Interface Unit allows up to 128 bi-directional channels.
+44 1422 842 159;


Harris SPOT-T: Features bit-rate adaptation, PCR re-stamping, NIT update, SFN operation with an internal GPS receiver, and control through the MIP channel; has 6/7/8 bandwidths; is housed in a 4RU cabinet; can be integrated into a global network management system with its embedded SNMP agent.


Vislink Exos: Provides all the compression, modulation and RF transmission equipment required to uplink video and audio over satellite; features lightweight rapid deployment, 1-bag check-in and an IP video option; has broadcast DVB quality 1Mb/s to 15 Mb/s; no additional laptop/ equipment required; is weatherproof and has split IDU/ODU operation.
+44 1488 685 500;


Eyeheight legalEyes: Meets EBU specification R103-2000 covering RGB color space and luminance levels; front panel enables up to eight predefined settings to be recalled; occupies a 1/2-rack-width 1RU high Eyeheight Mini-Box; employs full 10-bit signal processing of the 270Mb/s SDI input signal; features a 1-touch R103-2000 setting; two independent SDI outputs are provided with the standard model.
+44 1923 256 000;


Fairlight DREAM Constellation: Supports up to 144 channels, 48 busses and up to 32 mono multi-track busses; can accommodate up to four QDC cards; can access channel control and configuration facilities either locally or globally; is 7.1 surround sound ready; monitoring buss system is completely configurable.
+61 2 9975 1777;


Solid State Logic Xlogic: New line of 19-inch rack-mounting outboard signal processing units; features SSL's SuperAnalogue audio circuitry; based on the XL 9000 K Series console; is comprised of four units: XLogic Channel features SuperAnalogue Pre-amplifier with mic, line or instrument inputs; XLogic Multichannel Compressor includes separate 5-channel and LFE channel compression controls allowing separate treatment of LFE signals; XLogic SuperAnalogue Mic Amp provides four XL 9000 K Series Microphone Pre-amplifiers in a 1U rack-mounting unit with optional remote control; XLogic G Series Stereo Compressor is a 1U rack-mounting stereo compressor with front-panel switches that allow the compressor and external side-chain signals to be switched in or out of circuit.
+44 1865 842300;


Scopus CODICO E-1200: Supports Scopus' TriplePass, a 3-step parallel approach that secures encoding and multiplexing mechanisms in a multi-encoder environment; has advanced statistical multiplexing capability and optional SNMP management; includes redundancy support and high-speed data processing; has a low-power consumption; features Dolby Digital 5.1 and Dolby-E pass-through; includes optional built-in DS-3, E3, E2, E1 interfaces.
+972 3 900 77 77;


Panasonic AG-DVC30: PAL version features 1/4-inch 480,000-pixel 3CCD image sensor; the Leica Dicomar 16x zoom lens has a focal length of 39.5mm to 632mm; weighs 1kg; other features include infrared nighttime recording mode and slow shutter for ultra-high sensitivity, removable handle, IR filming function and an optional XLR audio input.
+ 44 118 902 9200;