New MasterView Web enables anytime, anywhere remote control

At IBC2012, Audemat will be showing an exciting new web-based application for its revolutionary ScriptEasy software. 

ScriptEasy lies at the heart of all Audemat’s remote control devices, enabling customizable and comprehensive management of many devices at the remote site. It is currently utilized in hundreds of broadcast facilities throughout Europe and worldwide to configure and control every aspect of a studio or transmitter site. The intuitive interface consists of the ScriptEasy Designer which supports easy development and the MasterView module which allows real time status display and management.

Now, with MasterView Web, users can access the Masterview application via any internet-enabled device to instantly glance at the status and performance of their network. This information is essential for maintenance and management of the remote site as it enables the user to carry out periodic checks, respond to alarm notifications, remotely diagnose faults and trigger any necessary changes.

Masterview Web is currently available on the IP2Choice remote control unit and will be rolled out throughout the rest of the remote control and monitoring ranges in the coming months.