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Modulus Video ME6000 delivers MPEG-4 encoder for HD applications

Modulus Video has introduced the ME6000, a real-time, full-resolution HD MPEG-4 AVC encoder.

The new system will enable satellite, telco, cable service providers, and new IP-based TV services, to provide consumers with the full visual impact of HDTV while using the least amount of bandwidth.

The ME6000 delivers more than 600 billion operations per second, which are required to encode digital video at Main Profile @ Level 4 (the requirement for HD) and provide high-quality full resolution HD video using low bit-rates.

As a result, the ME6000 will deliver HD at around half the bit rate of existing MPEG-2 systems. This enables the ME6000 to deliver twice as many channels over the existing MPEG-2 infrastructure.

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