Mediornet network integrates signal routing and optical distribution

The Mediornet X-Switch breakout box with SDI, audio and control interface modules.

Mediornet’s X-Switch routing and optical distribution system integrates video, audio, data and control signals into a single network.

X-Switch nodes are linked by optical fiber, which saves space, eliminates timing instability and RF interference, increases cable run length, and reduces latency compared to Ethernet/IP-based networks.

The system can be scaled from a point-to-point link up to a wide-area-network. Various modules can be combined in single base unit – a 3U high 19in chassis accommodating a central switching card, which performs signal manipulation using a 32Gb/s backplane as a communications channel. The chassis also houses main and reserve power supplies and has slots for 16 additional cards. Breakout modules include video, audio and data interface cards plus an optical link card that distributes signals within the network. Signal distribution throughout the X-Switch network is accomplished by transport switches equipped with optical link cards.

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