MediaCorp chooses Dalet Media Life for media asset management

Singapore national broadcaster MediaCorp has chosen Dalet Media Life as the enterprise MAM platform for the migration of its entire operation to a fully file-based workflow, including the digitization of its archive. Dalet Media Life will provide end-to-end, integrated management for program preparation, production and the distribution workflow. Dalet Media Life is the central hub of the best-of-breed solution prepared by systems integrator TSL, which was awarded the MediaCorp contract for the Integrated Content-centric file-based Exchange System (ICE) after an extensive tender process.

Dalet Media Life offers sophisticated content lifecycle and workflow management within a fully integrated, SOA-based architecture that will unify the many different IT and broadcast systems at MediaCorp’s Caldecott Broadcast Centre. The result will be a more fluid and efficient workflow with increased output. At the same time, MediaCorp will be able to leverage the investments already made in its existing systems, including the IBS traffic and playout system, Harris automation, EVS production and studio servers, and many others.

In addition to its MAM capabilities, Dalet Media Life provides a wide range of Dalet tools that will be used in conjunction with existing systems at MediaCorp. Dalet ingest tools will be used for live feed scheduled ingest, Flexicart ingest, VTR crash recoding, dedicated P2 and XDCAM imports, watch folder-based imports, and web-client file uploads. Metadata exchanges and updates will be provided between several systems, including the traffic planning and playout systems and OTT systems.

In the program prep workflow, quality control results from Interra Systems Baton will be viewable in the Dalet Media Logger, where users can see timecode-based locators and add the manual locators and comments needed for compliance review and approvals. Dalet Media Cutter enables proxy editing with the ability to add voiceovers, graphics and effects onto the timeline. Content is prepared in multiple languages with 5.1 audio tracks and different languages for subtitles. Storyboarding and shared shotlists can also be prepared in Dalet. Integrations via Dalet Xtend for craft editors like Apple Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer provide Edit Decision List (EDL) and non-destructive metadata exchanges. Sound is finished using Fairlight and Avid Pro Tools. The integrations at MediaCorp include IBS traffic and playout, Harris automation, Omneon Spectrum and Omneon Mediagrid servers, EVS production and studio servers, the FrontPorch DIVA archive system, Telestream transcoding, the Grass Valley Aurora News Production Suite, Swift subtitling, Softel subtitling converters, and an in-house rights management system. At any point in the workflow, users can execute fast, drill-down metadata queries in multiple languages (English, Mandarin, Tamil, and Malay) using the Dalet search engine to search and browse content.