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Lumiere TV chooses Front Porch Digital for broadcast archive management

Lumière TV (LTV) has purchased a Front Porch Digital DIVArchive system to build its first digital video archive located in Nicosia, Cyprus. Archived content will automatically be accessible to desktop users for browsing through DIVAdirector, Front Porch Digital’s Web-based content management application, also purchased by Lumière.

LTV is a Cypriot pay TV broadcaster, established in January 1992. As part of its expansion plans and the creation of a fully digital multichannel playout facility, Lumière TV is building the first digital video archive in Cyprus using DIVArchive. The new DIVArchive installation will be deployed with 135TB of tape capacity.

DIVAdirector is a distributed content management application providing a Web-based window into all assets stored in the DIVArchive system. Positioned as an entry-level content management solution, DIVAdirector allows for simple migration to an enterprise MAM system, facilitating metadata and proxy export for all assets currently tracked by the content management system.

More information about DIVArchive and DIVAdirector can be found at

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