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Kasenna develops 64-bit versions of video server platforms

Kasenna has developed high-performance I/O enhancements to its Linux kernel, and has ported its MediaBase platforms to 64-bit CPU architecture. This enables better space utilization, higher switch port densities and increased reliability for cable MSOs and Telcos deploying advanced on-demand services.

Using the 64-bit capability of Intel Xeon processors, the MediaBase achieves 3.2Gb/s of streaming throughput and 853 streams at 3.75Mb/s from a dual-CPU 3RU disk-based server. The system deliverers 5.4Gb/s from a 1RU RAM-based server. At the CableLabs specification of 3.75Mb/s for streaming video, this amounts to 1440 streams per 1RU server or 60,480 streams per 42RU rack. The system uses a hybrid system of disk-based clusters and RAM-based clusters and leverages a 64-bit architecture.

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