Jonas Mekas’ works shown on LCD screens at renowned Venice art venue

New York’s Maya Stendhal Gallery uses Westinghouse Digital’s 30in LCDs (pictured) to display Jonas Mekas’ art at the Venice Biennale event.

New York-based Maya Stendhal Gallery used 30in LCD monitors from Westinghouse Digital Electronics to display Jonas Mekas’ artwork at the international Venice Biennale event, which opened June 9.

For more than a century, the Venice Biennale in Venice, Italy, has been one of the most prestigious cultural institutions in the world, promoting new artistic trends and organizing international events in the contemporary arts. Featuring exhibitions for film, art, architecture, contemporary music, theater and dance, the event receives approximately 320,000 annual visitors.

An avant-garde film artist, Mekas was born in 1922 in Semeniskiai, Lithuania. He currently lives and works in New York. In 1944, Mekas and his brother were taken by the Nazis and imprisoned in a forced labor camp in Nazi Germany for eight months. After the War, he emigrated to the U.S. and pursued avant-garde filmmaking. He has been one of the leading figures of American avant-garde filmmaking, or the “New American Cinema,” as he dubbed it in the late 1950s. His artwork, displayed on Westinghouse Digital monitors, includes sketches of people that flash on the screen quickly, making them appear to be moving images.

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