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Winner of station automation

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Compix Media

Jewish Life TV (JLTV) is a Los Angeles-based broadcast channel that reaches nearly 25 million viewers in the United States. In delivering high-quality programming to this audience, JLTV faces two challenges: producing professional presentations for viewers and offering attractive advertising opportunities and a high level of visibility for program sponsors. To meet these challenges, JLTV worked with systems integrator and consultant Jonathan Landman of Newcast to design and implement a facility with an emphasis on reliability and functionality at an affordable cost. One of the key requirements was the ability to display information from the Web as a live ticker on the screen plus the simultaneous integration of viewer and sponsor messages into these tickers.

The installation features the ProTrack TV scheduling traffic system and NVerzion automation system. The ProTrack system feeds the JLTV schedule to the automation software, which then automates the control of the 360 Systems Maxx video server for continuous spot, interstitial and program playback. NVerzion also controls Compix Media's branding, logo, ticker and text overlay system, which employs template-based branding and automates data entry to provide current, targeted graphical messaging.

When the system went live in October 2009, it gave JLTV a powerful tool for boosting ad sales and attracting new viewers. The Compix CynerG2 enables the JLTV staff to insert sponsor branding along with continuously updated news crawls at the bottom of the screen during regular programming, thereby bypassing the growing issue of viewers using DVR recording to skip interstitial, spot-based advertising. The facility is also using the CG system to insert custom messages from viewers in a secondary crawl, and this personalization of on-screen content along with programming and sponsor-driven content helps to engage and build JLTV viewership.