ITFC, Molinare adopt new Tektronix SD/HD rasterizer

Independent Television Facilities Center (ITFC), a European provider of access services, and Molinare, a British post-production house, have installed Tektronix' new WVR7100 rasterizer for monitoring the quality of high-definition content.

The WVR7100 enables users to provide video quality and conformance in-house or to client specifications. HD, SD, and composite analog signals, as well as digital and analog audio, can be monitored in one place by using the rasterizer.

With the WVR7100's FlexVu display, customers can configure their instrument to display in four different tiles of the waveform, vector, gamut, picture, status and alarms displays. It incorporates gamut displays (diamond, split diamond and arrowhead) that ensure that content meets color gamut compliance in both component and composite color spaces. With the audio option, the instrument can also display audio level bars, lissajous, surround sound, and Dolby audio metadata (Dolby Digital/Dolby E option only) displays.

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