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IMAKE announces targeted advertising solutions for VOD and SDV

IMAKE Software & Services has announced the availability of targeted advertising solutions for advertiser/agencies, content providers, aggregators and service providers. From simple playlist concatenation and keyword and metadata searches to real-time campaign and inventory management, IMAKE's OpenVision suite allows the provider to walk into targeted advertising revenue generation.

OpenVision suite features include:

  • Geographic targeting, which enables ads to be targeted by geographic region such as DMA or zip code.
  • Keyword and Metadata Search, allowing Internet targeting in VOD and SDV.
  • Advertisements can be appended either at the beginning or end of a movie and rotated on a specific time period to keep advertisements or sponsorships current.
  • Usage tracking of advertisements is achieved by tracking which movies were purchased with specific advertisement placements.
  • Advanced subscriber targeting, which Enables subscriber profiling to deliver highly targeted ads based on context, usage patterns and frequency.
  • Ad inventory management, which enables ad sales personnel to know the type and amount of ad inventory to sell.

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