Harris announces momentum of serial digital legalizer

Harris is shipping its new DL-860 HD and SD serial digital legalizer to customers worldwide. Introduced at NAB2006, the DL-860 serial digital legalizer is a powerful, cost-effective solution that eliminates the guesswork of signal legalization for both HD and SD.

The DL-860 serial digital legalizer expands upon the features of its predecessor, the DL-850HD. The DL-860 accepts the main HD and SD formats, with flexibility for legalizing HDI-SDI or SD-SDI signals. The DL-860 output format tracks the input format, and the signal can be legalized to HD, SD, RGB and/or encoded color space. CRC values are monitored and recalculated to ensure proper output values. Input equalization added to the incoming video is displayed on the front panel. The DL-860 has a selection to pass or blank all ancillary data without any alteration except CRC correction.

For more information, visit www.broadcast.harris.com/television.