Globecast Partners with WinMedia to Provide a Turnkey Platform for Satellite TV

PARIS—WinMedia and Globecast have signed a partnership agreement to integrate and distribute their technologies. The tools to prepare, plan and playout the content encompassed in WinMedia solutions have been combined with Globecast’s satellite delivery platform.

Six TV channels in North and West Africa use the end-to-end package.

The deployed solutions feature an array of WinMedia Traffic tools for ingest and scheduling, which is installed in the broadcasters’ premises, as well as a WinMedia Playout system, set up in Globecast’s technical operation center in Paris.

Each playout server can simultaneously broadcast up to four different channels in HD and/or SD formats along with the relevant CGs that project the style and individual look of each program and channel. From there, the channels are sent via satellite to a Globecast teleport for uplink onto the satellite platform.