GatesAir Accelerates ROI for ISDB-Tb Digital TV Broadcasters

CINCINNATI—At the upcoming SET EXPO 2014 show in Sao Paulo, Brazil, GatesAir will demonstrate its end-to-end ISDB-Tb technologies. GatesAir will showcase its new range of high-efficiency UHF transmitters at Booth A07/B08 from August 25-27, with complete integrated transport solutions to distribute high-quality, multichannel terrestrial and mobile TV services across large networks.

The GatesAir TV ISDB-Tb platforms now incorporate GatesAir Maxiva UHF transmitters, with liquid-cooled and air-cooled models covering all power requirements for over-the-air networks. These UHF models feature broadband amplifier designs based on the advanced GatesAir PowerSmart 3D architecture, a green transmitter design that is said to “minimize long-term costs through reduced footprint, power consumption, maintenance and cooling requirements. ”

GatesAir also has technology to compress or packetize signals sent to multiple transmitters via satellite, ASI over IP and other transport methods. Integrated multiplexing solutions subsequently remux the over-the-air broadcast transport stream within the transmitter, reducing the costs of bandwidth-heavy signal transport across long distances, the vendor said.

The new Maxiva ULXT liquid-cooled models serve medium-to-high power requirements, while the UAXT air-cooled models address low-to-medium power requirements. The broadband amplifiers increase power density in both, reducing transmitter footprints and rack space requirements by up to 75 percent, GatesAir said. Additionally, Maxiva ULXT and UAXT designs provide potential annual power savings exceeding 50 percent, the vendor said.