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Force10 Networks awarded patent for 5TB backplane design

Force10 Networks has been awarded a patent for its advancements in developing the high capacity backplane that powers its TeraScale E-Series.

The TeraScale E-Series can process 1 billion packets per second. The Gigabit and 10 Gig-E densities and resiliency of the TeraScale E-Series enable network operators to process more traffic on a single system.

Force10’s passive copper backplane leverages a multi-layer design and manufacturing techniques to scale to 5TB. In addition to providing scalability, the backplane also increases network resiliency by eliminating all active components. The combination of the capacity and the resiliency of the backplane enable network operators to migrate from 10 Gig-E to both 40 and 100 Gig-E large scale upgrades.

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