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ERTU prepares for African Football Cup coverage

ERTU’s preparations for covering the African Football Cup include 25 new mixers from Studer.

Preparations by Maspiro-based Egyptian Radio and TV Union (ERTU) are underway for coverage of the January 2006 African Football Cup tournament in Cairo.

ERTU has ordered a substantial number of digital consoles from Studer, including 23 compact OnAir 500 mixers for mobile broadcasting locations and two OnAir 3000 desks for fixed installation.

With 12 radio and 13 TV channels, ERTU is one of the most advanced broadcasting corporations in the region, providing coverage to most all Arabic-speaking countries. More than 35,000 people work for ERTU, producing and broadcasting programs in 110 audio and 39 TV studios across Egypt.

Nine large-frame Studer D950 digital consoles and seven Studer OnAir1000s are already installed at ERTU facilities.

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