Edifis expands color corrector lineup

Edifis' Finaliser products can be field upgraded to other versions at any time.

Edifis, a supplier of full-resolution real-time nonlinear color correction systems, has announced the addition of two new models: an entry-level system and a 4:4:4 HD system. The Finaliser, an HD/SD system, now has a lower cost entry-level model.

Finaliser SD allows those working purely on SD programs to use Edifis tools at a more modest cost. Like all Edifis products, the new version can be field upgraded to other versions at any time.

Finaliser 444 is a new model designed for customers moving to a 4:4:4 HD infrastructure. The system uses dual-link HD-SDI video I/O to connect to the Sony HDCAM-SR and similar devices.

f/stop, the new 2K resolution nonlinear color corrector has 12-bit 4:4:4 storage and data centric operation. All Finaliser systems can be upgraded to f/stop when needed to handle higher resolution work. The new models are available to order now with first shipments early next year.

For more information, visit www.edifis.com.

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