eCinema Systems announces new LCD technology

eCinema Systems has demonstrated the technology behind its upcoming High Dynamic Range, High Color Depth display. This LCD-based monitor is the result of six years of research in the field. The HDR technology offers 10 to 12 bits per color channel (for 30- to 36-bit displays) or 1000 to 4000 step gray-scales. Contrast ratio is in the order of 30,000:1, which means black levels displayed are beyond the capability of current CRT monitors.

eCinema’s DCM40HDR, will begin shipping by the fourth quarter of this year. This is a 40in, 1920 x 1080 LCD display with full 4:4:4 capabilities suitable for viewing and evaluating 10-bit linear and 10-bit log DI output from high-quality cameras and systems for digital cinema production as well as high-end DI and Telecine in post production.

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