Dynamic content enhances Orlando Magic scoreboard at TD Waterhouse Centre

Orlando Magic's sports production team recently enhanced its traditional scoreboard functions at the team's home court, the TD Waterhouse Centre. The team wanted a solution for playing pre-programmed clips and capturing action shots for immediate playback. Beyond typical slow-motion playbacks, the production staff wanted to grab supporting graphics "on the fly" from a library and to generate added revenue via scoreboard commercials during game breaks.

Encore Broadcast Solutions helped the production team select a video server and controller: 360 Systems' ImageServer 2000, a multichannel video and graphics server capable of playing three simultaneous streams of animations, video and graphics with key; and the ActiV Cart Box controller from Hi Tech Systems, which mimics the operation of the familiar Betacart operator's control panel with access to hundreds of pre-recorded video clips. As a result, the Magic’s entire system was upgraded from a tape-based to a server-based system. With the tape-based programming library moved to the 360 ImageServer, the controller can randomly play commercials as needed, at a moment's notice, without demanding pre-game planning.

Replays on the scoreboard are now possible, but the Magic's production team eventually wants to personalize every replay — for instance, using a specific graphic showing a dunk shot by a given player that will precede replays involving that player. This capability requires a controller feature commonly called a "shot box." Hi-Tech's ActiV Cart Box has the capacity to recall hundreds of pre-planned server clips via interactive shot keys on its keyboard. The 360 Systems ImageServer also provides a built-in key/fill feature that lets operators key in additional moving graphics via a completely separate channel to overlay them onto another video clip — similar to the way a CG works.

The Magic production team plans to use the third channel of the server for play-out to monitors located throughout the stadium. Content will include event information, commercials and PSAs — all independent of the scoreboard support activity. The Hi Tech controller has the ability to control all three server channels simultaneously for mixed purposes.

For more information, visit www.360systems.com.