DAX offers Intelligently Distributed Asset System

The DAX Intelligently Distributed Asset System (IDAS), from DAX Solutions, uses Edge Accelerators to push bandwidth-intensive media content as close as possible to the end-user. This allows users to access assets via their local network rather than over the Internet or over corporate WAN links between disparate office locations. It also enables users in remote locations to watch video-on-demand content within their own corporate network environments without having to tax their corporate Internet connection or corporate WAN.

Each time a new media file is added to the central DAX DAM environment, the system automatically replicates the asset to the designated remote content store associated with the specific remote location. This eliminates the need for robust Internet and WAN connections during multiple on-demand video streams and/or downloads.

When an end user tries to access an asset from the central DAM environment, the system reads the source IP address and redirects users to their local Edge Accelerator if they are within a certain IP range and, if the asset they are requesting has been synchronized with the remote Edge Accelerator. Otherwise, the user is directed to the asset located on the central DAM.

All asset replication and system administration is handled over an encrypted SSH tunnel. All that is required from internal IT is a public IP address with port 22 restricted to the central DAM environment and NAT mapped to an internal IP address (the internal IP of the Edge Accelerator defined by internal IT). The DAX DAS Edge Accelerator uses dual home IPs and NICs to physically segment the WAN subnet from the internal corporate LAN.

For more information, visit www.daxsolutions.com.

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