Colorado Rockies to upgrade stadium video displays in off-season

The Rockies will be installing a 27ftx48ft ProStar screen with 352x624 Pure Pixel resolution.

Next season, the Colorado Rockies baseball team plans to upgrade its fans' experience through a more robust presentation of video during home games.

The off-season upgrade will include a new Daktronics ProStar video display and several additional light emitting diode (LED) displays.

Daktronics designed and installed much of the existing scoring and display system in 1995, prior to the development of its ProStar LED video technology. The existing cathode ray tube (CRT) video screen in the main scoreboard in left field will be replaced with a 27ftx48ft ProStar screen with 352x624 Pure Pixel resolution.

Also included in the display system upgrade are three new ProAd digital advertising displays, which will show a wide variety of content, including game in progress information, statistics, advertiser messages, public service announcements, graphics, animation and video clips. Two of the 4ftx218ft fascia-mounted displays will be installed along the first and third base lines. A third 6ftx60ft ProAd display will be installed in front of the “Rockpile” in center field.

The contract exceeds $2 million.

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