Chuckwalla v5 moves DAM technology to Web services

Chuckwalla v5’s NET framework transforms digital asset management technology into a set of web services.

Chuckwalla, a developer of enterprise digital asset management (DAM) technology that manages rich content across multiple communication channels, has announced the availability of Chuckwalla v5, the newest version of the company’s suite of software products for managing rich media content.

The Brooklyn, New York-based company said the software release is the first DAM solution ever to utilize a .NET framework. According to Ashwin Shah, chief technology officer, Chuckwalla v5 transforms the company’s digital asset management technology into a set of web services.

At the heart of the new release is Chuckwalla SDK for Microsoft .NET, which enables companies to gain access to their rich media content as a set of Web services. This feature dynamically connects rich content within a Web-based environment.

Another key feature of Chuckwalla v5 is its widespread compatibility with Quark Xpress files. Offering capabilities not commonly found in DAM software, Chuckwalla v5 enables more granular access to manage the relationships of the elements contained in Quark files. In addition, print designers can now drag-and-drop images stored in Chuckwalla directly into Quark Xpress layouts.

Chuckwalla v5 is available immediately with native client support on Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP and Mac OS X and OS 9.2.

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