Canto releases update to Helios companion

With the Cumulus 6 compatible version of Helios Asset Processor, users can easily covert files to any data format.

As first reported in Broadcast Engineering's Strategic Content Management newsletter, Canto has announced the immediate availability of Helios Companion 2.0. It consists of four modules: Helios Synchronizer, Helios Filter, Helios AssetProcessor and Helios Companion Setup. The package is available for the Workgroup and Enterprise Editions of Cumulus.

Cumulus Helios Companion 2.0 combines Canto’s DAM software with Helios’ file, print server and server-based image replacement solutions. It automatically synchronizes Cumulus catalogs and Helios EtherShare and PC Share volumes when users store new files or make changes to existing files in the Helios file system, thus maintaining a familiar user workflow and eliminating the need for manual cataloging. The cataloging process, including reading of metadata and creation of thumbnails, are performed directly on the server, reducing network load and improving response time.

The key feature of this version is the full support of Cumulus 6, including Asset Handling Sets and the structured category tree.

With the Cumulus 6 compatible version of Helios Asset Processor, Cumulus 6 users can now use the format conversion features of Helios ImageServer. This includes the support of ICC profiles to convert cataloged assets within the Cumulus 6 Client application or with a Cumulus 6 Internet solution such as Web Publisher Pro or Internet Client Pro.

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