Calrec announces U.S. training tour

Following the recent success of a series of free training sessions held in London, Calrec Audio will launch a similar training program in the United States. The training sessions, run by U.S. Regional Sales Manager Dave Lewty, will be free of charge, and space is limited. The program will consist of operational training on Calrec's Bluefin2 range of consoles, including Apollo and Artemis. It is aimed at freelance audio engineers and employees at broadcast facilities who have had no formal training on the platform, as well as those who simply wish to refresh their knowledge.

Many engineers don't have the opportunity to attend training courses, so Calrec is making a concerted effort to invite anyone who is interested to come and learn at no expense. The program is part of a larger educational drive Calrec has been promoting over the past few years, which also prompted the creation of its popular Audio Primer and Network Primer.

Calrec has previously hosted many successful one-off training sessions around the U.S. run by Calrec and Studio Consultants, Calrec's New York-based distributor, but this is Calrec's first educational tour. The first sessions will be held Aug. 21-22 at the Glendale Media Center in Glendale, AZ, where Calrec held a similar event in the past.

Training is by appointment only on Aug. 21, with an open-house walk-in session on Aug. 22. To attend the session in Glendale, contact David Rainey at 623-930-4512, or e-mail For details about upcoming sessions, or to suggest a location to host an event, email

Information about Calrec, its products, and primers is available here and here