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Brillian unveils light engine for HDTV manufacturers

Brillian, which develops 720p and 1080p liquid-crystal-on-silicon (LCoS) HDTVs and microdisplay components, has announced availability of the UltraContrast BLE1080 fully solid state light engine. The BLE1080 is a turnkey light engine intended for OEMs entering the HDTV market. It includes a lamp, color management system, relay optics, projection lens, three fully converged 1080p LCoS imagers, mechanical housing, reference design for the driver printed circuit board, and an IP license.

Designed for 60in to 70in screen diagonals, the Brillian BLE1080 light engine offers high-performance grayscale rendition, contrast ratio, sharpness, uniformity, and convergence. The fully solid state light engine eliminates the need for motorized color wheels or spinning prisms.

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