Big Boom: Explosive New Products Hit The Floor At NAB2002, Part 2 (O-Z)

Opticomm--Booth #S4833

Opticomm will be showcasing its DVX-104, an uncompressed, 10-bit serial digital video system at NAB2002. It features a data rate of 270 Mbps, which is free of adjustment over a wide dynamic range, and 24 bits per channel at 18.432Mbps four channel audio AES/EBU. All signals are multiplexed into one SDI stream transmission. Only singlemode 1310nm or the higher wavelength of 1550nm is used.

DVX-104 is a universal multimedia digital transport system for distribution over wide area networks including PAL, NTSC, and SECAM for multichannel. The Opticomm model DVX-104 fiber optic serial digital video component offers transmission signals for the transport of digitized video, audio, and control data signals over singlemode fiber.


Pixel Instruments --Booth #L20744

Pixel Instruments will be unveiling its UMAT-1200 universal monitoring audio transcoder at NAB2002. The UMAT-1200 provides reference quality A/D and D/A conversion, digital sample rate conversion and audio monitoring through internal speakers and external headphones. Stereo analog, AES/EBU balanced digital, SMPTE unbalanced digital and S/PDIF inputs and outputs are standard. All outputs (including speakers and headphones) are generated simultaneously from the selected input. The output sample rate can be locked to a video reference, the input digital audio, or an internal crystal. When locked to video, the sensing of PAL or NTSC is automatic for hands-off operation.

Pixel Instruments

Pro Cyc--Booth #S3356

Pro Cyc is introducing a quick-installation virtual reality cyclorama at NAB. The new product's seam design allows users to finish Pro Cyc modules with gaffer's tape, caulking, or quick-curing drywall mud to speed the time it takes to assemble and shoot the background. Pro Cyc re-engineered the module design of its System 4 product to create the new cyclorama. System 4QS modules bolt together and then onto supplied leg assemblies. The modules feature a 3.5-foot vertical radius and the cyc's corner has a 5-foot horizontal radius.

Pro Cyc

Ross Video--Booth #L11429

Ross Video will be introducing several new products at NAB2002. GearLite extends the RossGear line of terminal equipment with the addition of the GearLite digital video distribution and conversion "brick" type products. The comprehensive range of GearLite products includes distribution amplifiers, monitoring DAs, D-A, and A-D converters.

The company also plans to introduce Squeeze & Tease 3D to its Synergy digital production switcher line. This 3-D DVE option brings 3-D manipulation, perspective, sub-pixel motion, and scaling to Squeeze & Tease's ability to fly any type of key.

Ross Video

The RTI Group--Booth #L7147

RTI, Lipsner-Smith Company, and BHP Inc. will exhibit professional film and video products at NAB2002. RTI has introduced the TapeChek Pro Line 5100 recycling and rejuvenation system for DVCPRO and DVCAM cassettes. The Pro Line 5100 cleans and polishes the tape surface, removing loose particles and dust. The 5100 recycles a two hour tape in as little as three minutes. Also on display will be the TapeChek Pro Line 4100DLS recycling and rejuvenation system with LaserSCAN detector for Digital Betacam. Pro Line 4100 works up to 25 times faster than Betacam NTSC speed (30x PAL).

Lipsner-Smith will exhibit the CF-8200 Ultrasonic motion picture film cleaning system for use with Novec HFE-8200 from 3M Company. It provides cost-effective cleaning results at up to double the speed of older film cleaners that use chlorinated solvents, such as perchloroethylene. Also on display will be the EXCEL 2000 that efficiently removes surface dirt and contamination from the film.

The RTI Group

Scientific-Atlanta/BarcoNet --Booth #S4522

The converged strengths of Scientific-Atlanta and BarcoNet (which Scientific-Atlanta recently acquired) will be evident at NAB, as the companies showcase the combined breadth of their advanced technologies.

Scientific-Atlanta will introduce two models of the new PowerVu advanced modulator, a variable rate, high-performance modulator, to provide higher order modulation capabilities. The model D9390 modulator will be the DVB-compliant QPSK, 8PSK, and 16QAM version, designed for single-channel or multiple-channel satellite transmission. Also scheduled for display will be the PowerVu D9752 advanced modulator card. The new PowerVu model D9850 program receiver is being designed to meet the particular requirements of North American programmers for reception of their broadcasts in cable headends.

The company will also present an efficient, standards-based solution for digital program insertion (DPI). Also, the Transis RateCompressor will be a new solution for transrating and statistical re-multiplexing of entire transport streams and/or individual services.


Shure--Booth #L4903

Shure will be introducing its ULX Standard and ULX Professional UHF wireless systems at NAB2002. They are designed for both live performance and systems integration applications. Units feature the company's proprietary Automatic Frequency Selection circuitry, which simplifies system setup by automatically scanning a user's environment for open frequencies. Both frequency-agile models offer up to 1,440 selectable frequencies that are organized into pre-programmed groups. ULX receivers also include Predictive Diversity circuitry that virtually eliminates RF dropout, as well as multifunction LCD displays for monitoring group/channel selection and battery level. The systems are available in more than 30 configurations, with a variety of Shure's microphone options. ULX Professional systems are able to scan all frequency groups to locate the one with the maximum number of compatible frequencies.


Snell & Wilcox--Booth #L9837

Snell & Wilcox will display its new switcher family acquired from PSP Digital to extend the current line of Magic DaVE, Golden DaVE, and HD DaVE switchers. The addition of the SD108, HD108, and SD116 provides a broad product range from simple A/B switchers to large multiple M/E live production switchers.

The SD108 features a modular design that provides a flexible solution for operators to configure the switcher for specific applications. As a standard starting base, the SD108 offers a two-input, one-program output system. The SD116 meets the high demands of broadcast and post-production environments and is ideally suited to applications that require a straightforward switcher.

TrikKey is a multiple (3x) downstream keyer unit that can be added to the SD108 and SD116 switchers to provide additional switching power. The toolset of each of the three powerful downstream keyers provides the ability to perform full linear and self keys with the added power to key soft edges and drop shadows. Snell & Wilcox will show its HD2524 production switcher with its new version 2.5 software. Snell & Wilcox will also introduce its new TBS180 of TBC frame synchronizers for multistandard Y-C, composite and SDI timebase correction and synchronization.

Snell & Wilcox

TANDBERG Television --Booth #S4555

TANDBERG Television will be introducing several new solutions at NAB2002. It will launch its line of flexible nCompass monitoring solutions to address system monitoring challenges within digital broadcast networks. The modular solutions integrate multiple element managers and discrete system components into a central collection and processing point. At the booth, nCompass monitoring solutions will be integrated into other solutions to display real-world examples within different system architectures.

The company is also launching two new iTTV Concept systems for broadband xDSL and FTTH (fiber to the home) operators. The packaged systems bring together management and delivery solutions developed with best-in class third party products. The iTTV Delivery Platform is a carrier class system for xDSL and FTTH networks, which supports the delivery of television and video-on-demand services over both IP and ATM. Visitors to the booth will be able to see the company's iTTV Delivery Platform in live operation.

The TT5000 family of Transport Stream descramblers, which will be on display at the show, is capable of descrambling all services within a transport stream in a single 3 RU unit. The input is either QPSK from satellite or ASI. The output is ASI with all services in clear. Also highlighted at the booth will be the IP/ATM streamers TT7115 and TT7116. The main task of the TT7115 and TT7116 is to take incoming multiprogram transport streams and demultiplex them into single-program transport streams suitable for transmission over a broadband IP or ATM last-mile network.

Rounding out the exhibit will be MPEG-2 encoders.The E5710 is a 1 RU MPEG-2 encoder particularly suited for xDSL applications where bit rate optimization is very important. The E5710 delivers premium compression performance at bit rates down to 1 Mbps. Network management is handled by the company's management software, redundancy switching engine, and comprehensive supervision/monitoring, while network infrastructure features expert partners such as Cisco Systems.

TANDBERG Television

Thomson multimedia --Booth #L19524

Thomson multimedia will be introducing the LDK 140 IT(W) DVCPRO50 camcorder under the Thomson brand name (it was formerly under Philips). The device is designed for camera operators who are challenged by a broad range of assignments requiring frequent adaptation to the differing requirements of diverse customers. Picture performance and flexibility are key attributes of the LDK 140IT(W), which is based on Thomson studio and portable triax cameras and provides 22 bit digital signal processing capabilities.

Thomson multimedia

Triveni Digital--Booth #L18764

Exhibiting in the new South Hall, Triveni Digital will feature its new GuideBuilder 3.0, a PSIP data management system. It collects, translates, manages and generates PSIP data into the ATSC/A65 format, ensuring compliance with ATSC standards. GuideBuilder version 3.0 has new and improved features for centralcasting support with multiple outputs carrying localized PSIP containing remote departmental UIs and fault-tolerant mux-based table playout. Its newly expanded list of interoperable third party equipment includes Harmonic encoders. The company will also introduce the new ATSC-Cable StreamBridge realtime translator for PSIP data in ATSC-Cable transport streams.

Also on display will be StreamScope MT-25, Triveni Digital's realtime ATSC transport stream monitor and analyzer for DTV transport streams. It records, monitors, measures, and analyzes DTV streams and signals to ensure they are error-free and compliant to ATSC standards.

Triveni Digital


Utah Scientific--Booth #L15254 Utah Scientific will be introducing the UTAH-400 high-density digital routing switcher. The UTAH-400 is specifically designed to address large switching systems, and has the ability to expand seamlessly from 64 x 64 to 1000 x 1000. It is based on a new matrix architecture that, according to the company, greatly reduces system complexity; yielding considerable improvement in rack space and power requirements.

Utah Scientific

Video Design Software --Booth #L8424 (Quantel)

Video Design Software (VDS) will showcase its new Synapse for Quantel's iQ at NAB2002. VDS has developed Synapse as a plug-in product to support After Effects plug-ins within the Quantel user interface. It allows the Quantel operator direct, interactive use of any of the 56 supported Boris AE production-oriented plug-ins. These include fast blurs, true optical color correction, displacement mapping, and customizable lighting and organic effects. In addition, the Synapse package also includes Boris CONTINUUM.

Video Design Software

Vinten--Booth #L10637

Vinten is announcing a number of new additions to its product range at this year's NAB. The Spread-Loc mid-level spreader allows easier set-up and a smaller tripod footprint. Also featured are ENG and EFP Pozi-Loc tripodsÑcombining an innovative clamping system with new advances in manufacturing technology. With a 90 degree turn from on to off, the clamping system provides a positive indication that the tripod is securely locked.

Another newbie at the show is the HD250, an addition to the Vision range of pan and tilt heads specifically designed to meet the demands of HD and film production, offering all the benefits of the Vision 250, plus increased camera adjustment from the extended camera plate. It has an adjustable viewfinder-mounting bracket that maintains the viewfinder in the horizontal plane.

New IT products at the show will be the Vision 250 IT and Vision 250 E-ImageTracker products, which provide a link between spatial reality and the virtual set image. New AutoCam products include the ACS-125 touchscreen controller and joystick panel for studio robotic systems, using Windows technology and bringing enhanced operational features with expansive system architecture.

The company will also introduce its HCS-125, a new touchscreen controller and joystick panel. Utilizing a traditional Windows front end, which can control up to 16 cameras, HCS-125 is designed for controlling heads and elevation units and works with all existing AutoCam products. Another product, Fast Head, is a new remote controlled head from AutoCam using the new Vision 250 E at the driving end.


Visual Matrix--Booth #L20002 Visual Matrix will be showcasing its XBox, a modular high definition and standard definition frame-based image processor, at NAB2002. It is aimed at a variety of users in video production and post-production environments and is equipped with video conversion capabilities and aspect ratio controls.

Visual Matrix

Wheatstone--Booth #L2515 Wheatstone will be introducing several new digital audio consoles at NAB2002. Also on display will be a full complement of television consoles and on-air boards, professional audio equipment and studio furniture from the Wheatstone, Audioarts Engineering, and Auditronics product lines.