Apace Systems launches XOL for Xsan storage offload and expansion platform

Apace Systems, a storage solutions provider for video, audio and other media content, has announced the immediate availability of its XOL solution suite, offering an end-to-end automated workflow for archive, retrieval and online storage expansion of Apple Final Cut Pro editing workgroups and their associated Xsan installations.

The XOL solution comprises an 18TB RAID-5 protected high-performance enterprise class storage system and software targeted to manage the entire data migration between Xsan storage and Apace's disk-based storage platform via parallel data paths. FCP editing nodes act as gateways between the Xsan and XOL systems and client nodes have FC connectivity to the Xsan and an independent GigE connection to the XOL.

The key benefit of this approach is to protect Xsan installations from data loss due to any Xsan metadata server or connectivity failure. Also, the given parallel paths of backup improve the process of data synching between the Xsan and XOL systems. The further addition of FCP editing client nodes enables editing directly off the XOL without having to access the Xsan RAID, avoiding additional Xsan client software agent costs.

Additionally, clients with mixed editing environments such as Avid, Adobe, Grass Valley and other editing workgroups can interconnect to XOL storage and use it as their primary online editing storage, allowing them to consolidate all their shared video editing storage in the XOL. Users can scale and increase editing stream count and storage capacity by adding more XOL systems to their existing GigE fabric. The XOL platform can also offload other SAN setups.

For more information, visit www.apacesystems.com.