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ADIC expands support for heterogeneous storage platforms and environments

Advanced Digital Information’s new version of StorNext data management software is now available. Version 2.5 expands support for operating systems and storage devices.

StorNext provides policy-based data management that helps organizations store, access, and protect their large-scale digital assets across multiple storage devices and operating platforms. The software provides advanced data management for third-party applications, providing users with a foundation to support information lifecycle management (ILM) strategies.

Version 2.5 features HP-UX 11i v2 operating system support on Itanium and PA-RISC platforms; support for HP ESL 712e automated tape library targets, and expanded support for HP SecurePath in HP-UX 11i environments.

The release also includes support for StorageTek SL8500 tape libraries, and updated versions of Red Hat Linux and SGI's IRIX operating system.

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