Zorroa Introduces Boon AI Platform to Make ML Accessible for Media

Zorroa Boon AI
(Image credit: Zorroa)

SAN FRANCISCO—Zorroa Corp. has launched Boon AI, its machine learning (ML) software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, which cuts the cost of ML adoption and makes machine learning more accessible for media organizations.

Available in the Google Cloud Marketplace, Boon AI enables media technologists to integrate ML capabilities into their digital media supply chain via APIs in days or even hours. With a single point-and-click visual interface, Boon AI drives workflow automation and opens new revenue streams not feasible without AI and machine learning, it said.

“We’re excited to partner with Zorroa and to help deliver its machine learning integration platform on Google Cloud,” said Kip Schauer, global head of Media & Entertainment Partnerships at Google. “With just a few clicks, customers can deploy Boon AI on the Google Cloud Marketplace to help break down the machine learning adoption barrier and enable workflow efficiencies and new revenue streams.”  

Boon AI modernizes media supply chain workflows by making it possible to kick off ML projects without code in under an hour, the company said.

It supports multi-vendor interoperability with direct access to the ML ecosystem, which includes Google Cloud, AWS and Azure ML APIs, and can seamlessly integrate ML-generated metadata into media management and production applications without breaking existing workflows, Zorroa said.

Boon AI scales rapid-cycle innovation by giving media technologists the tools needed to build ML-powered applications with the same agility of traditional software development, it said.

Just as no-code software allows for app development without programming knowledge, Boon AI allows for ML API integrations without dedicated development or data science teams, the company said.

Zorroa is a provider of accessible machine learning integration solutions. It is backed by Gradient Ventures, Google’s Ai-focused venture fund.

More information is available online.  

Phil Kurz

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