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Zaxcom, Bexel develop audio transmitter for sharing coaches' comments

A custom audio transmitter solution developed by Zaxcom and Bexel enables broadcasters to transmit coaches’ live comments during televised games. The system is based on Zaxcom's TRX900 digital wireless transmitter.

Zaxcom and Bexel designed the audio solution to be seamless and comfortable for coaches to wear, while offering the option of muting the microphone with an on-off toggle for private conversations. The transmitter also provides digital encryption to ensure that private discussions cannot be “hacked” by unauthorized listeners.

The solution includes a Sennheiser lavaliere microphone and a Zaxcom TRX900 transmitter equipped with a quarter-inch toggle switch for the mute capability. The combination of the small size and digital encryption make the system unique, the companies said. It is also easy for coaches to block anything they don’t want heard on the broadcast.

The TRX900 also includes a built-in IFB receiver, RF remote control of the body pack, 96-hour internal recording with time code and a five-hour running time on a single CR123 battery.