Xytech Launches Granite Version of its Media Operations Platform

(Image credit: Xytech)

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Xytech has released the Granite version of its new and improved Media Operations Platform for end-to-end media production. The launch makes Xytech’s Media Operations Platform the only platform media teams need to manage all assets, people, resources, and facilities, the company said. The newest update, announced earlier this month and showcased on a webinar Dec. 8, provides 400+ new and improved features with customizable feature sets. 

With over 14,000 hours of product development work dedicated to the latest software update, the Media Operations Platform drives media creation by aligning the workforce and supporting the on-time delivery of content, as well as encouraging future media development, the company said. 

Xytech’s customers can take full advantage of the platform for managing people, equipment, resources, facilities, and logistics with the Granite release.  With enhancements and additions to its APIs and integrations such as OpenID, Azure AD, MS Exchange, Google Calendar, MS SharePoint and many more, media production teams no longer need to switch programs while completing critical tasks, as Xytech enables them to work in a single platform to trigger workflows, saving time, and increasing productivity, according to Xytech.

Long-Term Planning, the newest addition created for Granite allows users to track, report and compare resource capacity and demand, providing companies with greater visibility into their media pipelines, the company said. 

“The key benefit Long-Term Planning brings to the media production lifecycle is that it offers a real financial value to media teams who have dispersed staff and need clear visibility of their resources,” states Xytech’s Chief Product Officer, David White. “The application allows teams to streamline resource planning by generating demand by group, resource, projects, jobs and orders by type. This, in return, simplifies and consolidates views and functionality, making the Media Operations Platform a powerful operational solution that helps media companies to plan, develop and deliver content seamlessly.”