Wooden Camera Crafts Canon EOS C70 Accessories

Wooden Camera Canon EOS C70 accessories
(Image credit: Wooden Camera)

DALLAS—Wooden Camera has developed a range of accessories for the Canon EOS C70 camera, which it is now offering.

Among the available accessories are the Mini Top Handle and Top Plate, both of which feature 1/4-20-inch, 3/8-16-inch and ARRI Standard mounting points for securing additional Wooden Camera or third-party accessories. There is also a compatible Monitor Hinge that increases on-camera monitor visibility with a 180-degree tilting angle.

For lens support, the LW 15mm Baseplate provides 15mm rod pass-through brackets and and ARCA Swiss standard dovetail system with safety lock.

Wooden Camera also has power accessories for the C70, the Battery Slide Pro with Gold Mount and V-mount options. Position of the plates can be adjusted with a loosening slide mount, while additional power features include 3x D-Tap ports with a digital fuse.

Bundled Accessory Kits are offered in base, advanced and pro versions.

For more information, visit www.woodencamera.com.