WLNY-TV prepares for final DTV channel assignment with new Jampro antenna

WLNY-TV, a Class A station broadcasting from Ridge, Long Island, NY, is ready for its big double-switch event that will take place at midnight Feb. 17 if the nationwide DTV transition proceeds as originally planned.

The station not only is switching to DTV with a new Jampro DTV antenna, but also simultaneously cutting-over to its new channel 47 assignment, which currently carries an analog signal for a Telemundo station in Newark, NJ.

Originally, WLNY broadcast on channel 55, but during the transition it was only temporarily assigned to channel 55, said station director of engineering Richard Mulliner. If the DTV transition occurs as originally planned, the station will move to channel 47.

To prepare for the switchover, WLNY recently used a Sikorsky heavy-lift helicopter to remove its transitional antenna from its 600ft tower and install a new 16-bay Jampro model JSM DTV-ready medium power UHF slot.

The JSM is the medium power version in Jampro’s Prostar Series of UHF slot antennas and is compatible with DTV, NTSC and PAL broadcasting.

For more information, visit www.jampro.com.