Wireless Grass Valley LCP400 offers control of Infinity camcorder

Thomson will introduce the wireless Grass Valley LCP400 control panel for use with the Infinity camcorder at NAB2007.

The LCP400, a software application running on a PDA or smart phone, gives operators access to metadata as well as camera functionality. It communicates with the Infinity camcorder wirelessly, typically by Bluetooth, or WiFi.

Replicating the camcorder's side control panel, the LCP400 provides access to all camera menus and settings, which can be changed even during a shoot. Low latency in the wireless connection makes it practical even for critical adjustments, such as audio levels.

It also provides a way to enter and read metadata associated with the content before, during and after the shoot. In ENG workflows, the LCP400 can also be synchronized with a newsroom computer system and updated using cellular or WiFi connectivity.

For more information, visit www.thomsongrassvalley.com.