Widevine releases Cypher 4.0

Widevine Technologies has released Widevine Cypher 4.0 content security solution.

This downloadable conditional-access and DRM solution lets telco, cable, Internet, mobile and satellite service providers support an unlimited number of subscribers and assets using a single content security solution for protecting delivery to all major consumer devices, including set-top boxes, PVRs and PC-based consumer devices.

Cypher 4.0 enhanced features include:

  • Cypher Management Console offering intuitive configuration and monitoring of any Widevine Cypher solution.
  • Expanded ecosystem support for key high-definition set top boxes and PVRs.
  • Fast linear broadcast security, offering more than 900Mb/s encryption, or more than 240 channels in a single appliance.
  • Efficient video-on-demand security solution.

For more information, visit: www.widevine.com.