Widevine DRM secures Adobe Flash video for Gaia Online

Widevine Technologies’ digital rights management (DRM) solution is securing the distribution of Flash-based content from Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures Television for Gaia Online.

Gaia Online is geared towards teens who want to play games, make friends and participate in social networking. Widevine, which secures premium content during delivery and consumption, has helped to enable Gaia’s licensing deal.

Gaia’s monthly visitors number more than 2.5 million with tens of millions of views. It currently offers movies and television shows available for community members to watch within the Gaia Cinemas.

Designed to entertain and enable interactivity, Gaia Online streams Flash-based titles to members using Windows PCs or Mac computers. Widevine secures the content during streaming and after decryption to protect against piracy tools, such as screen scrapers and stream recorders.

For more information, visit: www.widevine.com.