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WHUT-TV expands SGL archive under Harris automation control

WHUT-TV, the PBS station owned-and-operated by Howard University in Washington, D.C., has added the Software Generation Ltd. (SGL) FlashNet content archive and storage management software.

The SGL archive is a key element of the station’s new digital master control system that allows WHUT-TV to air multiple SD and HD channels. The overall system replaces an entirely manual operation that could only support a single channel.

The archive is interfaced to three Omneon Spectrum servers — one for on-air, one for on-air backup and one for ingesting content. The FlashNet software is controlled by a Harris ADC automation system, which orchestrates the overall flow of content between servers and the archive. Long-term storage is provided by a Spectra Logic T120 LTO tape robotic archive device.

The system was installed by Denver-based systems integrator Burst Communications.