Vislink Announces Global Launch of ENG Platform

HEMEL HEMPSTEAD, ENGLAND—Vislink announced the launch of its NewStream multi-mode mobile vehicle transmission system.

The NewStream features a new antenna array providing greater than 72 percent efficiency across all cellular bands, Vislink said. The upgraded NewStream is also equipped with a universal modem design for use on a variety of frequency bands outside the United States.

As part of the Vislink portfolio, the NewStream can integrate with a variety of other Vislink uplink products for additional data and video applications. NewStream features a vendor-agnostic design to provide multichannel support to any existing newsgathering system, the vendor said.

The NewStream also complements Vislink’s range of portable point-to-point microwave broadcast equipment as well as the portable and rugged MSAT satellite data terminal.

Vislink said NewStream is ready to ship and initial orders are being filled.